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Utility Service
General Information
Water meters are read around the 19th of each month. Bills are mailed out around the 8th and are due on the 26th of each month.

Utility Emergencies
For utility emergencies or other service questions please call 246-1400.

Reporting Srteetlights
If you see a streetlight that is out, shining dimly, knocked down or otherwise not operating properly you can report streetlight problems without trying to contact the utility services yourself.

Solid Waste & Recycling
Solid waste (trash) is picked up by Central Texas Refuse (512-255-4980) every Thursday. Recycling is picked up on the same day but only every other week.

A booklet with additional recycling information and the pick-up schedule is available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

Residential Service Fees
Monthly basic charge
effective 10/1/16
Monthly water commodity charge
Gallons Used
Per 1,000 Gal
(other than HOA)
0 to 5,000
5,001 to 20,000
Over 20,000

Monthly water commodity charge (HOA)
Per 1,000 Gal

Monthly wastewater commodity charge
Per 1,000 Gal

Establishing Service
The normal method for initiating service is to print out the Service Agreement, hand sign (wet signatures required) and email the signed application back with a copy of the customers driverís license to: A notary may be used in lieu of providing a driverís license copy. Applicants may also go to Crossroads' offices in person to apply.

Prior to receiving residential service you will be required to pay a $5 application fee to initiate service and establish an online customer account profile with the District's online billing system. Proof of home ownership may also be requested.

Security Deposit
A refundable security deposit of $250 (for meters up to 2") is required to set up service. If service is disconnected due to late payment or non-payment the District will require an amount sufficient to have a total security deposit of $250, and this additional deposit must be paid before water service is reconnected. No interest shall be paid on any deposit.

You can pay your bill online, by phone at (512) 246-1400 or by mail.

Mail payments (along with your payment coupon) to:

Vista Oaks MUD
P.O. Box 4901
Houston, Texas 77210-4901

Late Payment
A late payment charge of 5% of the unpaid balance will be due for any bill that is not paid on or before the due date. This charge will be assessed each month until the bill is paid in full.

If your residential water service is disconnected it will be reconnected only after you pay all current and past-due charges, plus a $100 administrative fee (if meter removed or not). An additional after-hours reconnect fee of $50 must be paid in order to receive same-day reconnection if payment is made after 2:00pm, on weekends or holidays.

If your residential wastewater service is disconnected the same reconnection conditions will apply. The wastewater reconnection fee is two times the cost to the District.

Returned Checks
The District charges a $30 penalty fee for any returned check. If your check is dishonored your account will be subject to all applicable late penalties and possible disconnection for non-payment.

Commercial Customers
Contact the offices of the District's Operator for information.

Builders and Developers
Contact the offices of the District's Operator for information.

Rate Order
Download the District's complete Rate Order for further information.

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